Cooked Snow Crab Legs 8lbs

Cooked Snow Crab Legs 8lbs
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Although not as well know as the Alaskan King crab, Snow Crab bairdi, or Tanner crab, is a hidden culinary gem.  There are two types of Snow Crab marketed - opilio and bairdi.  Bairdi is considered to be a local favorite in that it is both larger and sweeter than opilio.  Deliciously versatile, Tanner crab are known for their beautiful white meat color and deep, sweet flavor.

We section, cook, and then quick-freeze our Tanner crab within hours after they are delivered to our dock, ensuring that fresh-caught taste and the highest quality product.

Snow Crab Legs make for a superb gift or a wonderful addition to your own special dining occasions.

Steam them for 3-5 minutes, then eat them hot right out of the shell with fresh squeezed lemon juice and coarse ground black pepper for a delectable dinning experience!

    - 7-8 Clusters

    - This product is fully cooked and ready to eat

    - Beautiful leg pre-cooked legs, easy for entertaining

Product will ship FedEx Standard Overnight.

Please note that because our Snow Crab boxes are "stuffed to the max" with Crab Legs, we are not able to include any of our "add-on's" such as Smoked Salmon Spread or Caviar with them. Any additional purchases will ship separately.